Accessing "REST-Contacts" from Horizontal Key within Call

Hi All:

Firstly, please forgive me is this is a stupid question but I am deploying 11 of Sangoma S500 handsets with hosted FreePBX as back end and using EndPoint Manager to configure the phones

I have sorted most queries except one that really has my head wrecked.
If I pick up an incoming call on an extension and discover that I need to transfer this call to another extension. Call is live and I hit the “Transfer” Horizontal Key.
I wish to be able to look up the PBX Contacts list to allow me complete the transfer but I don’t seem to be able to look up the Contacts App from within a live call / Talk mode.

When the phone is Idle I have Full Access to this Contact list as I have a horizontal key programmed as “REST-Contacts” but have no access to this once on live call / Talk Mode.

I reckon that the difference is something about “REST-Contacts” is an application running from the PBX and not a “Native Function” of the handset e.g. Directory?

If this is the case, is there any workaround? The old system did it and they seemed to have relied on it quite a bit - now I am quickly losing face . . .

Any help appreciated . . .

Thanks a Million


This is a good question, but remember that you have support (for a certain period of time) when you go “All Sangoma” like this. It may be something that is available and you’re not holding your tongue right, or it may not be a feature (perhaps only on that phone). If you’re still within the support window for your installation, a quick note to support could yield a quick, authoritative answer instead of the chuckle-head answers you’re likely to get from one of us… :slight_smile:


I just tested, incoming call, answered, pressed the Contacts App, looked for contact, pressed “select”, had an option to “Transfer”
Worked fine.

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PitzKey ths is not as simple as you have made out and, with respect, numerous replies across various forums concur with my difficulty - you are clearly misunderstanding my predicament.

In the midst of Live Call, I need a Horizontal Key to give me access to REST-Contacts - here it is for IDLE state:

Talk option screenshot is n next post ( only 1 image per post allowed here ) and clearly shows no option.

However, for TALK the option is not even available?

Pitzkey, How are you achieving this or are you misunderstanding my question?

Hi Dave:

Thanks a million for your kind reply - I will also explore that route and let you know here that route yields a solution!

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I can’t even deny that characterization today…

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I missed the ‘horizontal’…

I have Contacts on the side keys.

Anyways, which in-call button do you want to remove so you can replace it with the contacts button? and I’m curious to know why having the Contacts app on one of the side keys is an issue?

I’m not the OP, but I can tell you my answer.

I have those keys set for things that the user needs already, and I have contacts on the softkeys. If I were to want this functionality, I would definitely want to keep the contacts available on a softkey. Generally I would remove hold as most places use call parking.

@jposhea This post from 2017 says not available.

Horizontal softkeys while on a call can not be setup as a XML app. It’s not something we support.

Hi Tony,

Is this something that will never be supported or should a feature request be created?

A feature request can be made, but do remember that feature requests are requests only. We don’t / can’t provide for all requests. Sometimes things are easy, and sometimes long-ago architecture decisions make seemingly simple things terribly difficult. :frowning:


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