Accessing Directories and files via ssh and from the server

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Hello everyone.

Running the latest version of free pbx. System is completely up-to-date.

When logging into the server as root I cannot access any of the system directories such as var/etc and so on. When typing an LS command, it does not even list the files associated with freepbx.

Could this be a permission issue? If so, how can I fix it.

Still very new to Centos


linux has no ''LS" command and there is no explicit directory named “var/etc”, Centos and all other lini insist you use case sensitive commands and directories will always be rooted at ‘.’ (the current directory) use ‘/’ as a root construct for a directory if you are unsure of were you are

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Thank you however, how do I navigate to specific directories from the command line. Using LS does not list the asterisk or freepbx folders. Not sure if I am making sense. For example I would like to go into the recordings directory but how?


again, you can type “LS” until you are blue in the face, it will always error out, just start with typing “ls” notice the difference follow my posted link and soon you will learn about ‘pwd’ and where to ‘root’ your requested listing

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I think perhaps I am not articulating myself correctly… On Ubuntu using cd let’s me navigate to specific directories centos does not allow me to go in to the freepbx directory. Am I missing something here?


Yes you are missing a lot, cd “change directory” works in every version of Linux be that debian based or redhat based (never mind the rest) , but needs to be either locally referenced to your pwd (print working directory’ or explicitly rooted , cd /var/www/html will always work cd var/www/html will only work if you have already cd to / .

there is NO ‘freepbx’ directory per se, there are however lots of directories that freepbx will reference (and does)

find /|egrep -i "freepbx|asterisk"

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Thank you that’s kind of what I am looking for .

For example I would like to access var/spool/asterisk/backup

To download my back ups. Or, var/spool/asterisk/monitor

To access my call recordings

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There’s no such place.

/var/spool/asterisk/monitor (the leading / is important) does exist.

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Thank you all. Let me profusely apologize for my stupid questions. I was so use to using Ubuntu and the desktop that this is going to take some getting used to.

Thanks again everyone for your help. if anyone can point me in the direction of some centos commands Will be very appreciated


Centos and Ubuntu have essentially the same “commands” as they are both linux and use ‘bash’ as the default ‘shell’ , I posted a link to a pretty comprehensive source to get you going with bash which applies to both Debian and RedHat derivatives

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