Access Sangoma phone Gui Over VPN?

I am able to access the gui by IP address on a yealink phone no issue. When I tried to do it on sangoma over a SSL vpn, it doesn’t come up. Is there something blocking this or a setting I can change so I can access it over the GUI? The gui works when I in locally onsite.

Through the FreePBX generated VPN?

Well your desktop has no idea how to reach that. This would be standard networking.

I can access through ssh fine. It’s the phone gui itself that won’t display

Seconded. Does the SSLVPN subnet have correct port access to the phone subnet? Review the router settings or do a wireshark.

You can access the phone over SSH through the VPN? Because that is what you said in context.

sorry I meant I can ssh into the PBX

I assumed, but not what you said.

So your answer is to then use an SSH tunnel to proxy yourself into the phone.

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