Access multiple voicemail boxes from same phone

How can I make it so that a user can choose between two mailboxes to check for voicemail on their phone (polycom)? Or can I even do that? I know how to give them access via the UCP, but I’d like to do this on certain phones, too.

Here is the thread where I can add multiple voicemail boxes to the MWI light.

You can set a BLF key to monitor *98EXT

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Hmmm… That would work, wouldn’t it - never thought of that. That would dial the voicemail box alright. Would the light blink if there was voicemail, too?

On Sangoma Phones it turns red, it doesn’t blink.

Ah - I can confirm that it works!
Setting a BLF button on your polycom phone to *98xxxx (where xxxx is the extension) will turn red if there is a message. The light doesn’t blink, though, but it’s red.
And when you delete the message, the light clears.

Thanks, PitzKey!

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