Aastra 6753i stuck in web recovery mode

Hi - I’ve seen lots of guides on how to install firmware, but the phone is in working order. It was booted into web recovery mode by mistake. How do I boot it back in to normal mode?



Have you given any thought to asking Aastra, since the problem is in the phone and not FreePBX?

You can’t - once it’s in web recovery mode, you’re stuck. There is no getting out of it without having it connect to a tftp or whatever server and download new firmware.

Good luck, aastra phones are a nightmare to get out of WRM. We have 40 some 57i and 39i’s and when we escaped from Earthlink they had all the admin passwords locked up and initially refused to give them to us.

We tried WRM and about 5 of them were permanently screwed. Some were a nightmare to get to connect to the tftp sever, others went right away with no issues. It’s a lot of experimenting with the target and path fields to figure out what the phone wants. Some want a / in the path, some want a , and some want nothing. Sometimes the target field wants tftp://xxx., some want just the ip, etc.

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ah OK - thanks for the tips, will be useful!

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