A new PM2 process appears

Last week’s Open Source Lounge had a question from @dolesec about a new PM2 process. I wasn’t able to answer him at the time, but have since gathered some details.

The process in question:

# fwconsole pm2 --list
| Process Name              | PID  | Status | Restarts | Uptime              | CPU  | Mem     |
| core-calltransfer-monitor | 2916 | online | 0        | 2 days, 22 hours    | 0%   | 1.92MB  |

This new process has roots from some tickets filed back in 2016. The the complaint was that when recording calls, the final leg of an attended transfer was missing the recording. The solution was new dialplan that referenced a new AGI to add the necessary logic to ensure recording continued.

Last December we started getting reports of the same issue again, for some reason the old AGI solution was no longer working for a subset of users. Last week month we published Core module versions 15.0.14 and, the AGI file has been replaced with a PM2 process to perform the same check.

The PM2 process does not start on module install/upgrade, it will start on the next fwconsole restart. It listens for the AttendedTransfer AMI event and restarts call recording if the channel variable MIXMONITOR_FILENAME is set on the the ‘OrigTransfererChannel’ channel. Source is here: PR is here: FreePBX / core / c9415167a89 - FreePBX GIT

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