A better way to toggle FMFM

FreePBX 16

I have a process setup where there is a list of users in the asterisk phone book, their cell number is the phone number, the FreePBX extension is their name.

I dial an inbound route (superfecta enabled) and move the call to set caller id, setting it to superfectanew, before a going to a misc destination of the fmfm feature code toggle.

This works, BUT, I have to make an entry in the phone book (which will also go away at some point) the link between the cellphone and extension already exists in the extensions fmfm settings, is there a way to use that?

Can dynamic routes help here @lgaetz?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I read the post three times and I can’t figure out the question.

I think I see the ask now. You want to recreate this system such that it doesn’t rely on the Asterisk phonebook module. I can’t think of a way of parsing the extension number from the FMFM details in the astdb in a way that’s any easier than what you’re doing now. You should be able to do the same thing with Contact Management instead of the Asterisk pb module, that would future proof things a bit better.

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