*97 and *98 on Cisco 8800 series phones

I am relatively new to FreePBX, I have the server setup with 3 extensions

One extension is registered to a Bria softphone app

Second extension is registered to a Yealink T48.

Third extension has a Cisco CP-8865-3PCC-K9 V17 with software sip8845_65.11-2-3MPP-398 registered. (with help from this topic here: Cisco 8865 not registering )

On all three extensions, the echo test (*43) works as expected. On the extensions with the Bria and the Yealink both *97 and *98 function as expected.

But on the extension with the Cisco 8865; *98 works as expected. *97 though does not work. When I dial *97 I get what I believe is a busy tone. Looking at logs, I do see the calls from this phone to *98 - but none of the calls to *97 are appearing in the Asterisk log

FWIW, I have also experienced this exact issue with a Cisco 8811 with MPP software on a separate FreePBX server I am trialing for work.

I did find this on reddit, which accurately describes the symptoms I am having.

I have looked at Voice->Regional though, and unfortunately in my case none of the feature codes are set to use *97 or *98.

Did you also check the dial plan?

Well, I started with the default dialplan:

Then I changed to this simpler one:

I should say at this point I do not have any outbound calling set up on this system. Just trying to get internal calls working at this time. My 3-digit extensions all start with a 3.

The fact that I can successfully dial echo test at *43, and the *98 route into voice mail makes me suspect the dial plan is satisfactory, But, as you know, I have been wrong before.

Check all the Vertical Service Activation codes, especially Call Pickup, which defaults to *97.
Also check Referral Services Codes and Feature Dial Services Codes.

@Stewart1 Thank You Again! I was looking at the Vertical Activation Codes, but did not realize I was viewing them in “basic” mode. So, I was only seeing an abbreviated list. And *97 was not there. But once I realized this, and switched to “advanced” mode, The more complete list of Vertical Activation Codes was there. Just as you suspected, “Call Pickup” was set to *97. I changed that and have just successfully dialed into VM with *97

Interestingly, *98 was also in use for “Group Call Pickup Code”, yet *98 was working (ie took me to Comedian mail) on the Cisco phone. I set “Call Pickup Code” to *12, and “Group Call Pickup Code” to *13.

With this resolved, I will likely move on to setting up inbound and outbound calling next week.

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