Cisco 8865 not registering

Been doing a lot of looking around here and I understand the opinions about Cisco phones.

I am relatively new to FreePBX, I have the server setup, and have successfully registered a Yealink T48 and a Bria soft phone app, which both work. The Bria configured in the app and the Yealink T48 via the web UI.

I do not have the endpoint manager at this time.

I also have a recently purchased Cisco CP-8865-3PCC-K9 V17 with software sip8845_65.11-2-3MPP-398. I have used this as a guide: Configuring a Cisco 8841-3PCC for FreePBX, 3CX, etc - LabZilla.

The phone shows the display name and extension number, but has an amber (not green) lamp next to the extension number, with a “circle x” icon preceding the extension number on the phone display. There is no dial tone when I pick up the receiver.

The frustrating thing is that I briefly had it sort of working just out of the box. I had a green light and could make/receive internal calls. But could not get into voice mail. So I did a factory reset on the phone, and since then I have never been able to get it to actually register.

I have tried setting SIP transport to TCP instead of UDP, I have also tried both with and without my pbx server name in the “outbound proxy”. I have also appended the server names with the port “:5060”

So far nothing has worked. The phone is obviously talking to the server to get the extension number and display name, but that’s it. Any suggestions are appreciated.

So if you understand that these are under resourced phones and are ‘nightmares’ (but cheap because of that), what exactly are you expecting from this forum ?

Nope. According to the document you linked, you entered those values into the phone itself.

What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log when the phone attempts to register? If nothing, what appears in sngrep? If also nothing, describe the networking between phone and PBX. If the phone is on the same LAN as the PBX, try using the PBX IP address instead of the domain name (many routers don’t ‘hairpin’ properly). Does the phone display the correct date/time?

@stewart1 Thank You, point taken, yes I entered all that info directly into the phone. I have tried using the IP address instead of FQDN, same result.

The phone is showing the correct time (but wrong time zone). Looking at asterisk log I do see several “Failed to authenticate” entries coming from the IP of the Cisco 8865 phone.

Good. Confirm that you are connecting to the correct channel driver. Assuming that you created a pjsip extension and pjsip Port to Listen On is set to 5060, then the 5060 default is correct. Possibly the phone has an issue with long passwords. Set both Secret for the extension and Password in the phone to the same value, consisting of no more than 12 letters and digits. Confirm that both User ID and Auth ID in the phone are the same as the extension number.

@Stewart1 THANK YOU!! I had already shortened the password. My issue was that I was putting the password in the AuthID field. I thought it was weird that it was showing in plain text . Anyway , I just changed AuthID to extension number, and viola! Phone is registered!

Thanks again, I owe you a beer.

Not these, @dicko ! You’re probably thinking of the elderly 79xx series enterprise phones but he has an 8800 series multiplatform phone which was designed for use with Asterisk.

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