911 Setup Issue

have set up a test phone at another office location and am trying to get 911 ANI to work but seems that it is not passing through the ANI number.

I have 3 outbound routes Emergency, Toll Free and Default in that order and have Override Extensions set to No.

On the trunk side I have made sure the CID Options has Allow Any CID.

The remote location I have analog line there that is not being used but works for 911 so I have put in that number as the Emergency CID the issue is that a 911 test call goes to a completely different county when I use this number.

The caller ID shows that number when I dial my cell phone, but the 911 calls do not go to the proper county.

I think this may be a provider issue but just wanted to get all the information before giving them a call.

Also searching the forum, I found this which may be a similar issue.

Also, where can I look in the log to view this outbound call?

Thanks for all the help, always appreciated.

You can’t modify the CID of an analog phone line, (it is ‘hardwired’ :wink: )

I think your suspicion here is correct. If the Caller ID that you expect is coming through when you call your cell phone then there is nothing else you can do on your end to make sure it’s routed to the correct 911 call center. You’ll need to let you provider know of the problem and have them fix it somehow.

I know sorry should of worded it different I am only using the ANI form the phone not the phone itself.

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