911 Computer Pop Up Alert

I’m curious if anyone has experience setting something like this up:

Our current system has software we can install on certain users’ computers (users who need to know of a 911 call in progress in their building). When someone makes a 911 call, a pop up will appear on their computer screen along with an audible alert, showing them the date / time, caller name, extension, what building, and the address.


I was thinking of writing a Python GUI that will have that information. However I haven’t had much luck with accessing Asterisk from Python (I did find some tutorials, I have to look through them more to see where I’m going wrong). I did get a simple little pop up working that plays an alert, but no access to Asterisk at the moment from the program.

Do you think this is something that can be done and installed on a users’ computer (using Pyinstaller) so when a 911 call is made they will get that notification in real time? Or is there another route or product that could be suggested?


The best solution is to use AMI port to connect your app to Asterisk.
I think there is some Python Library for Asterisk AMI.
Anyway, that will be easy to use AMI without a library and create a proper library the connection being like a telnet.

Having BTDT, a couple of comments.

when opening up more than a few concurrent connections, direct use of AMI is probably not the best idea for a mission critical system for these reasons

So probably best to choose a proxy, that just keeps one connection per server open. I use for python3

But suspect using websockets might be a better fit

Always use secure connections for any web facing interfaces.

Have you not used AMI in any real capacity lately? It can handle more than a “few concurrent” connections. Please don’t post 17 year old documentation that covers how Asterisk worked 17 years ago. It is no longer relevant to what Asterisk can do now.

The suggestion of having a listener that then pushes to the users (as the last two are) is a better option then having 25 PCs connecting and listening.

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