*80 Intercom - No Audio from user who dialed

FreePBX 14
Asterisk 13.29.2
Feature Code: *80 enabled

Extensions (premises) have direct media NO. Connected to a cloud server.

When extension 1 dials extension 2, extension 2 hears nothing. Extension 1 hears everything.

Affected phone(s) make/model? All phones on system affected? If receiver is lifted after intercom call is auto-answered, is there two-way audio? Speakerphone otherwise operate normally?

Do you have NAT enabled on everything? Because of the “cloud” part, these aren’t local calls - they are just like any other Internet call coming through the firewalls, so double check all of your intervening firewall settings.

In a ‘typical’ setup, these calls are transversing four firewall interactions, two at the local network end and two at the Cloud end.

Possibly, this thread:

is relevant to your situation, if the problem occurs only when the called extension has multiple registered devices.


Dialing *1 unmuted mid-intercom

Looks like confbridge is muting me… just need to find out why and how to fix

There are options in the conferencing app that turn on “mute on connect” by default. I’d check that first.

So, the issue I was running into seems to be resolved by dialing *1 while on the intercom call.

My original post (One way audio between extensions)

I double-checked the setting in conferences and it’s set to not mute. I guess the question is why is it happening.

Sure. I have some ideas, but I’ll wait to post until I have something conclusive.

Where do you see that?

The log file

Can you post a full call trace? Post a pastebin link. See instructions: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/SUP/Providing+Great+Debug#ProvidingGreatDebug-AsteriskLogs-PartII

I can post one shortly.

Found a work around for now in my situation. Check in usermanager, ucp and then the phone tab to see if it’s enabled either on users directly or on a group(s). It was in my case. Turning it off seemed to do it.

My issue seems to be related to a Clearly Module update. Escalated for a fix.

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