*72 forwarding ... But is it invisible?

I met an aspect that surprised me, maybe somebody got an idea

With * 72 and the number moves the call … and with * 73 it takes off

It works fine but on the BLF you do not notice anything!

Is there a way to know which extensions are with enabled forwarding?

On the extensions summary page of free pbx the cf box will be ticked also in ucp.

In fact attached image where you see forwarding is active by extension 13.
Now I would like to find this information in mysql tables, only that I search for it and I do not find it.
Someone has advice?

That info is not stored in MySQL, the data is ephemeral and is in the astdb sqlite3 database

From bash:-

rasterisk -x 'database show CF’
rasterisk -x 'database show CFB’
rasterisk -x ‘database show CFU’

Precise as a katana :slight_smile:

Thank you!