6-hour long calls?


I got an alert from shmooze a couple of days ago saying I was approaching my soft limit on my two SIP trunks with them. I instantly figured I must have been hacked but after a little investigation, I don’t think that’s the case.

The CDR spreadsheet from shmooze showed about nine calls that were each 21600 seconds long (6 hours). They were all from outside numbers I know (family, vendors, etc…) and they were all aimed at the same DID which is directly aimed at my internal extension.

I logged into my freepbx system and saw that the hard drive space was peaked. I deleted all the voicemails for the two accounts we have (mine and my business partner) and the space was back down to 25% or so as it usually is. (I didn’t need to keep them as they’re emailed to us anyhow).

I emailed shmooze and they said they have a 6-hour safety cutoff so that seems to have kicked in here (thankfully).

I think most of the calls were actually voicemails although I never got a giant voicemail emailed to me. They might have been bounced back from my gmail account if they were too big.

I’ve now set the max voicemail time to 5 minutes and tested it and it seems to be working. That might mitigate the problem but I’d sure like to know what else I can do to prevent this from happening.

We’ve set this as the default voicemail length in FreePBX 13 moving forward.

That’s great to hear. Makes a lot of sense. Any reason why this happens in the first place that you can think of?

People can call into your system and just leave long voicemails for hours at length just because.

After reading this post, I also want to restrict voicemail length to 5 minutes.

Under Settings> Voicemail Admin > Settings > maxmessage

do i set to 5 or 120? (Is it in minutes or seconds?)

Thanks tm

Seconds. It says this if you hover over the (?)

Thanks! I figured it was seconds.

It actually doesn’t say if you hover over the (?)

Says “Max message time length.”

Latest version of FreePBX Distro

In the sample configurations that I wrote for the Wiki, I recommend setting this and several other default Voicemail settings, but TheJames removed those references in the name of uniformity…

You can read the old version and my suggested defaults here: