6.12.65-32 ** critical system error **

I am seeing this error upon login to systems that have upgraded to 6.12.65-32:


Unable to generate MOTD.
The /usr/sbin/fwconsole file is not accessible

You are likely to experience significant system issues.

I realize it’s nothing to be concerned about seeing as these systems are all running Asterisk 11, but the optics aren’t great if someone’s looking over your shoulder!


Thanks, I didn’t realize the other thread had been updated since last time I read it. So to summarize the only solution is to upgrade to FreePBX 13?

Unfortunately yes…


This is a major issue for me and I know it will be for a lot of people.

This was obviously caused by a pushed system update that failed so I suggest that a high level notification be sent out the the FreePBX community just as if it was a major security issue.

My system still seems to be completely functional.
I am concerned that the upgrade process will not go well since it appears to have been started and interupted and others are not pulling out it seems…

Prudent planning is required.

Will a failed attempt to upgrade to 13 likely incapacitate the entire system?

If an upgrade on my production system fails is a current backup of the data of any use to restore to a new 12 system then upgrade to 13 which may succeed.

Should I want to stay on 12 and I do a bare install, was the flawed update removed from the automated schedule?

Just run the Distro upgrade script to 13 and all will be happy. Their is no notice to send you. Upgrades dont go perfect and the issue here is your system ran out of memory in PHP trying to run the upgrade through PHP which is why we disabled that in sysadmin since lots of customers have small amounts of memory allocated.


My last version jump did not go well… I really didn’t want to upgrade at this point because the newer version of asterisk that is required was not developed enough to handle video last year, which I do use on my 2N door controllers. Hope it does now.

Hope you are right that all will go well.

So Just run the 12 to 13 link in admin menu in the GUI or do I need to do it some other way?

My system has 16GB of RAM
Real memory
5.28 GB used, 15.54 GB total
Can’t imagine that not being enough.


I did that Tony but i still get the error: what next please…