*45 No workie (from newbe)

New to FreePBX, new to Asterisk, not new to telecom (35 years) and I have created and manufactured airborne PBX systems back in the day (using dialogic). I know phones, I know computers, I know code. My first time implementing an Asterisk based PBX. Everything is running well, trunking, routes, IVR, announcements. So far it is going very well, but I want agents to be able to log into (more importantly out of, so it will fail over to an external call center at night) queues rather than static assignments.

Asterisk 11.12.0
FreePBX 12.0.1rc32

I do not understand what I am seeing in Subscribe/Notify -= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =- I am sure there are some things there that would be helpful.

I am using an AASTRA 6731i x200 trying to log into a queue.

The queue is 700.

*45 *45200 and *45200700 all fail. No announcements. The time announcement works so announcements work and some feature codes work. But not this one. Odd thing is, when dialing *45200700 the log shows:
Call from ‘200’ ( to extension ‘*45200700’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

So, it is not even getting treated as a feature code. I have the same problem when using the Adore soft client. Guessing it is not a phone issue.

I know an experienced person will immediately look at that log and think " you dummy, you have to …" Hopefully???

etc/asterisk/features.conf and all the includes do not show *45 but I am not sure I am looking the right place. I know, I know, with the freePBX gui, you don’t make changes to the conf files. But I am beating my head against the wall.

I have searched this forum and others and have not found anything helpful yet.

Not sure what this is telling me (from Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints) :
45[email protected] : Custom:QUEUE223*700 State:Idle Watchers 0

Queue toggles take the form:


If your queue is 900, all dynamic agents toggle in/out using the code:


My queue <700> has some static and some dynamic. But trying 45700 did not add me to the queue nor did it give me any kind of announcement. I have never yet got that login announcement no matter what I have tried.

Not sure why the asterisk did not show in that last post. ***
Hmmm, happening again. * 45 * 700

I got some functionality. I think there was some kind of codec issue not allowing me to hear the prompts, but I have been hearing others. I added siren7 and a few others and I hear the prompts.
star 45 allows me to log on to the queue, it logs me onto all queues. But it will not allow me to log off of anything. I can use queue** and then put in the extension plus # to get out. Would sure like to be able to toggle but at least now I can join and leave queues.

Nope, that isn’t correct. *45 still does not work. *45 plus the queue number does allow me to join.

From the Google: