3-way confernce call (not conference bridge) (drop off by one user)


Any tips for a 3-way conference call in this situation?

Caller A: calls party B (using one call appearance on phone)
Caller A: calls party C (using another call appearance on phone)
NOTE: party c is another extension of the PBX on the same LAN

Caller A, B, and C are all three taking (3-way conference call)

Caller A (has 2 call appearances) and now wants to drop out of the 3-way, but leave the other 2 callers still talking.

When caller A “drops out”: the 3-way conference call is dropped.

Can you suggest a way for a 3-way conference type call to work in this situation:

Caller A: Gets Party B on the call (appearance 1)
Caller A: Gets Party C on the call (appearance 2)
Caller A: Joins the 2 appearances using conference
Caller A: Now wants to drop out but leave Party B and C speaking

Thanks for your tips and suggestions.

This would normally be a function of the phone you are using. Otherwise you can use a conference bridge to communicate.

Look for a phone option “transfer on hangup conference” or similar.

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