3 Locations, 1 Free PBX Server

We are looking to move to FreePBX/Sagnoma Phones. We have our HQ in Seattle where we would house our FreePBX Server and have small branch offices in Atlanta and Redidng that are connected by a VPN to our HQ in Seattle. My question is if someone from Atlanta wants to call someone in Redding via our FreePBX in Seattle, is there anything special we need to do for the RTP Traffic to complete? Thanks

If you are using VPN you shouldn’t have any issues.

There should be no issues at all. Even without the VPN you would be fine.

Without VPN you need to open ports.

That is true, I assumed the phones were registered

5060 and 10000-20000

Except you have a static ip in each office :slight_smile:

Just remember the potential liability of a remote person dialing 911. It would show they are in Seattle.

Good point on the 911 part. There are several ways (all of which have been discussed at length in the forums). You may need to coordinate some additional emergency trunks with caller ID information specific to those extensions. Check with your SIP provider to find out what they recommend and, if you are still having problems, check back with us and we can supply additional help.

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