2 External Connections through Dual WAN DrayTek Router

Hi all,

We have been using FreePBX for some years now using IAX2 for inbound calls. However we are been forced in to changing our provider and moving on to SIP.

The senario we have:-

All our sites have Dual/Tripple and Quard WAN DrayTek routers that fail over if a connection drops. We now have a SIP provider that sends calls to an external IP and then if it can not get through will then failover to the next external IP.

Our issue is when the call drops through to the fail over one way audio due to “externip” been fixed to just one IP.

To reslove this we go in and do a network detect in FreePBX and it starts to work again. But then once the primary WAN comes back up, calls go silent and we have to go back in and change the “externip”.

Tried to add an additional “externip” at the bottom custom settings, which I know was a long shot.

Is there anyway of dealing with this, can it do a network detect and apply the setting exter 30 seconds/every minute then it would pick up what external connection is on?

Bit of a long shot, I have seen this questin asked in different places multipul times.

Normally we have:-
WAN1 Fixed IP DSL/FTTC - Fails to WAN2
WAN2 Fixed IP Cable Co - Fails to WAN3
WAN3 Fixed IP 4G Dongle in DrayTek

Thanks in advance!

Don’t set the external ip in the PBX and if you’re Draytek is configured properly it will handle the packet with the proper wan IP.

I still have a few of these out there, all doing multi wan failover and that’s all I do.

Hi, thank you for response. Not meaning to sound dumb what would you do in the DrayTek router to achive this if you dont mind me asking?


I setup the second wan and failover. Draytek’s are pretty decent and should handle this out of the box with default configs.

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