2 Dongles on FreePBX


I have 2 dongles on my PBX (Dongle0 and Dongle1). I want to be able to receive inbound calls from Dongle0 and Out bound calls through Dongle1.

At first I had Dongle0 and everything was ok, but when I connected second one (Dongle1) I only set Trunk for it and I still calls came through without setting Inbound route for it. Am wondering how this is possible or there is something am missing. I would like inbound calls for Dongle0 to be separate from Dongle1.

What I want to achieve is that when someone calls Dongle0 system can forward call to a mobile number through outbound route of Dongle1 maybe by using followme feature. In othewords Calls are forward by Dongle 1 calling the mobile number

How can I achieve this ie separate the routes etc

How to store your own number:

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CPBS=“ON"
dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CPBW=1,”+123456789",145

Hello Jerson, Will this seperate the calls on both Dongles?

Yes, only inbound calls.

Change context in dongle.conf to from-pstn and create Inbound route in FreePBX after mapping the dongles.

I had already changed context to from-trunk, can i change it again

Or if i may ask, what does it mean COntext=from-trunk and from -pstn?