*2 Attended transfer

Hi i’m having a problem about attended transfer, when i’m trying to transfer the call on line 2 or the line i was calling says “all circuit are busy now”. stuck for almost two weeks now.

tried also the conference, when i join the conference ( call A plus ME in a conference), then i tried to call the call C and let him/her join the conference same result “all circuits are busy now”

I only have 1 trunk from sipstation and 1 DID
configured this automatically and tried also to do it mannually same result.

am i missing something? do i need another trunk for this? but i have two trunks freepbx installed automatically configured?

sorry for this very noob question because it’s only been 3 weeks since i started this out of curiosity. I really want to learn this for my sake and added knowledge is cool.

I really do apologize in advance because to someone who will read this makes him/her say that i’m a noob. It’s true. If anyone can help me, I’ll really appreciate this. Thank you.

could you show me the log!

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here are the screenshot of the log file, is this the one your looking for?

see that you can not do two simultaneous calls. If you have only one trunk, you can not make a second call.

Oh so i need 2 trunks? SipStation says i have a unlimited two-way trunk. So meaning a two way trunk is 1 for inbound and 1 for outbound? so i cannot do simultaneous call because i only have 1 trunk?

hmmm for a noob point of view let say the line 1 is for my first trunk and the line 2 for transfer is for the second trunk, now i’ll be buying a second trunk just to accomplish this attended transfer am i correct? even though i only have a single DID?

That’s right! So I have to check with your provider!

How many simultaneous calls can do with a trunk?

1 Trunk = 1 Simultaneous Call

so here’s a scenario, what if i have 10 employee?

1001 extension will be using 1st and 2nd trunk
1002 extension will be using 3rd and 4th trunk
and so on…

so i’ll be buying 20 trunks?

or just 2 trunks?

You could buy one trunk, but the provider ask you that trunk is 10 simultaneous calls.!

Remember they are SIP trunks. No trunk like.

Ok, i think i get it now. You’ve been a big help thank you so much for your patience. Much clearer now regarding this matter. I’ll be paying attention from now on and i will continue to learn about this freePBX. Thank you so much again. Have a nice day sir!