Zulu3 Presence Changes Not Working

I’m working on my first Zulu 3 install with 40 licenses. I’ve noticed that changing presence through Zulu does not affect calls at all. The extension will still ring regardless. If I do *76 then it works. Am I missing something in my Zulu 3 setup?

Hi Mark:

You define presence actions in UCP. If your user decides that they want presence “Extended Away” to enable FMFM for their extension, then set it here:

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So Zulu shows the presence chosen in UCP? More of a read only setting in Zulu?

My bad. I think I found what you were speaking of:

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I changed the options to Do Not Disturbed in the UCP and when I change presence in Zulu I can see the presence changes in UCP but calls to that extension still ring Zulu

You need to have a valid license for rest apps and the rest apps server needs to be running for this to work.

Yes. We want to change that.


That’s a punch to the teeth. To purchase and use RestApps do I also need to purchase EPM? Please say no…

I’ll need to review the documentation on Zulu and perhaps I missed this (probably missed it!) but it might be a good idea to mention this so we can bill the end user correctly.

So I now have RestApps. I’ve run fwconsole restart restapps and fwconsole restart zulu but the presence within Zulu still does not seem to be functional. I also have gone into UCP and changed my DND status to match with DND. Am I missing a step for it to start working in Zulu?

Maybe I need to open a port on my firewall as this Zulu client is remote?

No you don’t need to open any ports. Most likely it just doesn’t work. Presence changes are merely visual except if you’ve set them to do something in ucp but I can’t say that it works at all

first of all happy birthday! I restarted the servers again and it now appears to be working. hallelujah

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