Zulu3 connected but hangs up calls

I recently installed Zulu3 server and client. Setup the letencrypt cert and was able to get the desktop client connected with little to no problem. However when i attempt to make a call from the softphone it calls the number and rings but as soon as the other party answers the call is hung up on the remote end but the softphone still says connected to the call. When this happens i get the red bar that says “You are experiencing connectivity issues” This happens on all outbound calls originating from the softphone. Now if i dial the number on the softphone and click use desk phone it sends the call to my desk phone and works perfectly. Ive tested other softphones and they have no issues connecting and transmitting audio so i am not sure what i am missing. Thanks!

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I am encountering this as well. Have you managed a resolution?
I first assumed it was a matter of Stun/ICE configurations but everything I try results in the same issue.

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