Zulu Windows Desktop issues

I have a couple issues open related to the Windows Desktop client for Zulu.

Just wondering if there is anyway to get them some attention or anything more I can provide on my end.
I have a client that purchased licenses, hasn’t been able to use them, and they are getting cranky.

@adolfoc We are aware of the issues are are working to resolve them in an update we hope to release soon.

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Just curious & anxious, I noticed issue ZULU-103 was closed yesterday for a Fix Version/s: 2.0.0.

Has that new client been uploaded to the wiki yet or are there still some things that need to be done before release?

We have a major 2.0.0 release coming which we have been working on non stop for months. Its a re-write of the whole front end based on everything we have taken for feedback and includes a new built in softphone that is tied under the covers to your primary extension in user manager.

Very exciting times coming for Zulu. We are a couple weeks away from Beta for it. Little teaser of the internal build we are all using.


Nice! Looking forward to it