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I am unable to get visual voicemail to work in Zulu (Mac Desktop 3.2.1 or latest iOS Beta). Voicemails do not show up in the list at all. This is on a new FreePBX install hosted at Cyberlink. I have updated everything on a system and module side. Everything is fine for making calls from Zulu. It is possible I missed a configuration item somewhere, but I could not find a guide to implementing this anywhere. Zulu module is,

The only other issue with the system is XMPP not running because of a segfault in from mongod. I have not spent much time on that error because I don’t have a need for chat. If that may be related please let me know.

Does Visual Voicemail just not work period?
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I am also experiencing this. I have:
Zulu Desktop for Windows v3.2.2+19 & v3.2.3-alpha_170 on Win7 & Win10.

All clients are able to see and play visual voicemail on:
PBX4 13.0.197: Zulu (Works)
PBX4 13.0.197: Zulu (Works)

However, all clients are unable to see voicemail on:
PBX2 14.0.11: Zulu (Not working)

I have XMPP running on both.
So now I am curious whats going on!

Edit: There is good information here, https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Zulu+3

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I find sometimes the Android client works (although it seems you have to tap play button a dozen times) but 95% of the time the Android nor the Windows client will show voicemail. Have tried several Windows client versions (alpha and stable)
Using PBXact 14.0.12, Zulu
XMPP running.

Been through installation guides with no resolution.

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