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Zulu Visual Voicemail

(Matt Wright) #1

I am unable to get visual voicemail to work in Zulu (Mac Desktop 3.2.1 or latest iOS Beta). Voicemails do not show up in the list at all. This is on a new FreePBX install hosted at Cyberlink. I have updated everything on a system and module side. Everything is fine for making calls from Zulu. It is possible I missed a configuration item somewhere, but I could not find a guide to implementing this anywhere. Zulu module is,

The only other issue with the system is XMPP not running because of a segfault in from mongod. I have not spent much time on that error because I don’t have a need for chat. If that may be related please let me know.

(MarkC) #2

I am also experiencing this. I have:
Zulu Desktop for Windows v3.2.2+19 & v3.2.3-alpha_170 on Win7 & Win10.

All clients are able to see and play visual voicemail on:
PBX4 13.0.197: Zulu (Works)
PBX4 13.0.197: Zulu (Works)

However, all clients are unable to see voicemail on:
PBX2 14.0.11: Zulu (Not working)

I have XMPP running on both.
So now I am curious whats going on!

Edit: There is good information here,