Zulu unattended installation

Are there any options to do an unattended installation of Zulu? It woud be great if there would be switches for the installer executable to do a silent install and an option for user or system install.

If it helps, I was able to get it working with the following switches:

/ALLUSERS=1 mean it will install for all users, rather than individuals.

What I’m missing now is the customization of the profile, such as what ring, maybe even what user it logs in as. But you can at least get it installed silently using the above switches.


I personally prefer a user install (then they can install updates themselves)
I assume it has to be /ALLUSERS=0 for that?

I believe so or just leave out the switch all together. Just use /S as your only switch.


That works indeed, tnx again!

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