Zulu UC3 as IM/XMPP client

We’ve installed Zulu 3 to see if it will serve as a replacement for a customer’s current softphone and IM client.

After a bit of reading I am still not clear on how to end up with a nice compact Zulu softphone and IM client like we were hoping.

The softphone function in Zulu seems fine. It’s configuring the IM/XMPP client that is not clear. In spite of reading the doc I have not figured out the “streams” concept I guess.

Any ideas or suggested reading to get this configured to be somewhat similar insize/shape to what they were used to?

Here’s what they see now with their Spark IM client:


Background: They currently use the Spark IM client and an Openfire XMPP server. Spark is a really neat, small IM client that does not take much screen space and works great. And for years it was more awesome because the Openfire XMPP server had a plug-in that integrated with Asterisk to allow Spark to show on-phone status. Alas, after years of promises it’s clear there is not enough resource/interest at IgniteRealtime.org project to keep it working with Asterisk. The older version of Openfire they are on supports the Asterisk integration but it broken/unreliable. The newer versions of Openfire have dropped support for the Asterisk-IM plugin.

Thank you much in advance - Richard

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