Zulu UC Windows Client- Hiding Contacts

I would like to know if it is possible to block the contact section to show nothing on the Zulu UC for windows OR and this is the ideal option, is to be able to allow some contacts to some users only.

I have a customer who doesnt wan’t the agents to be able to see and dial the company owners directly so they are asking me it this is possible.

I have spent some time with the settings and cant really find anything i can use to deliver this request.
Help please.

guys, help please… not sure if my question is so stupid or hard that even Sangoma guys didn’t reply for a week now.
I have searched online with no luck on this so im kinda stuck.
The system is the latest PBXact 40.

I never touched Zulu contacts. Isn’t it being managed by contact manager? If so, you should be able to set separate groups with permissions in user manager.

Thank you for the help Itzik!
For some strange reason when you press on “show all contacts” in the Zulu win app, it ignores the settings in the “Visible Extension Range” as well as the "Show In Contact Manager Groups /Show In Contact Manager Groups " under the contact manager.
So im not really sure what to do to control this.

Sorry I can’t help you further, we’re not using Zulu yet.

If you followed the documentation for contact manager, user manager and zulu, and it’s not working as mentioned, you might want to contact Sangoma support.

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