Zulu UC - Video Calling and Screen Sharing

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How do I setup or authorize video calling and screen sharing. I am using Windows 10 with:

  • Zulu Client: v3.5.2+215 © Sangoma
  • Zulu Server: © Sangoma
  • PBX: v15.0.16.75 © Sangoma
  • PBXact
    Asterisk 16.13.0 built by mockbuild @ jenkins7 on a x86_64 running Linux on 2020-09-10 15:59:20 UTC

what am I missing??

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AFTER hours of logically think though the problem with no resolve. I stumbled on to the solution… I just happened to go to the users in the user manager and click “Submit and Send Email to User”… and now I have the video calling and screen sharing icons in ZULU…

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