Zulu UC Issues on Internal Network

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We have PBXact Commercial version with which Zulu comes already bundled up. We want to use Zulu UC on internal network only - we don’t have any remote working concept. By adding LetsEncrypt certificate, we can make calls from internet but that is not required. When we try to connect Zulu on internal network by providing the IP address of the server, Zulu give SSL certificate error. Although the LetsEncrypt certificate is working fine.

But Zulu is not working on internal network. What do I have to do?


The hostname used to connect needs to match the issued certificate.

If the certificate was created using “pbx.wemakewidgets.com” then your internal dns needs to resolve that name to your internal IP.

Public certificates don’t play well with IP addresses, you need to use fqdns to connect. Technically its possible, but letsencrypt only supports fqdns, and to my knowledge the providers that support IPs will only issue for public IPs, not private IPs.

If you must use internal IPs, then you’ll need your own Certificate Authority that is trusted by all your clients - DNS is a couple orders of magnitude easier.

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