Zulu UC app continues to ring after a call has been answered

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I’ve seen a couple of posts about this topic but I have not seen what the solution is.

When a call comes into our queue, it rings 5 extensions. When the call is answered, the app installed on mobile phones continues to ring (mostly 1-2 minutes, with one exception where the device rang for 20 minutes).

Is there an answer to this particular problem?

PS I have tried to include links to other posts that centered around this question, but I am a new user and not allowed to include links. My apologies, I tried to include specifics but was denied.

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Hi @MattBuck

The Zulu dev team is aware of this issue in certain cases, and is working hard on a fix now. There is no ETA at present.


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Thank you for your fast response.

When fixes are released, where are notifications posted?