Zulu - Trial Subscription

Trial subscription has been as described, a trial.

You can get two users free right now. Isn’t that a trial?

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And worth every penny. Should be called Beta software.

Mobile is beta. Desktop has a stable, beta and alpha version. Not sure what you are getting at here.

This thread is borderline trolling. Why? Because it serves no purpose and makes no sense. If you want to say something say it. If you want to keep beating around the bush then I’m closing this thread.


Sorry, just tired of wrestling with technology and feeling cranky. Have been doing it for too many years with so few having figured out what it actually means to make a tool usable or user friendly? So those of us who have the ability, spend untold hours of our lives constantly figuring things out with very unsophisticated assistance providers. God help those who have less ability.
I have offered to help in a number of settings but no one seems to even get what is wrong or just thinks it is unimportant. I created a philosophy for creating usefulness back in the last century and should have done more to share it. I have long wished to write a book,
Sangoma and FreePBX is a prime example of the ability to be vastly more successful if they could create true usability. It has the potential to be huge even compared to its current success. Anyone who is truly interested can ask me for more.

You’ve given us literally nothing to go on here. I don’t even know what your issues are.

If you want to “change” sangoma and “improve” freepbx come work for us.

You are correct. I experienced a minor frustration which rekindled larger issues. I have a kind of yin-yang relationship with FreePBX and Asterisk. I am a great appreciator and fan of what has been accomplished and its future. On the other hand, I feel that it is being held back by its complexity and the broad scope of its technology.

My suggestion is to add “making the application available to those who just want the phones to ring” to the list of top goals for Sangoma. Even though there have been light years of improvement over the years I have used FreePBX, I don’t think that it is there yet and I think that goal would bring up useful discussions and solutions.

Many years ago, I came up with a philosophical umbrella for creating usable products. I named this philosophy “Zero Uncertainty” I have waited for years thinking the world would come up with many of these non-earth shattering principles on it own but, much to my surprise, in general they haven’t.
I now have a web site and hope to have the opportunity to pass on my insights (www.zerouncertainty.com).

Thanks for your comment about working for Sangoma. I actually attended one of the Road Show events and mentioned to Tom Ray that I had experience creating effective help subsystems and that FreePBX really needed one. He said he would pass it along but nothing has come of it. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities of helping Sangoma if there is an interest.

Absolutely no relation. There is me and a “Tom Ray” that works at Sangoma. Just keeping the record straight.

Sorry, I’m with @tm1000 on this. You have offered nothing conclusive or definitive as to what you’re actual issues are. At any level. All I’ve seen are rambling posts that are generic and non-specific with no real point behind them.

They already do. It’s in the download section on their website. You install it, setup an extension, add an inbound route, trunk, outbound routes and point the calls to the extesion(s). Done. As basic as any other PBX system out there.

I’m not sure what these non-earth shattering principles are but they are not on your website that you are hawking to pass on your insights. As far as I can see the website is much like your posts in this tread. Filled with buzzwords and market speak that actually have no real content or substance to them.

Perhaps instead of talking in circles with lots of words, you can enlighten us with a few of your Zero Uncertainty principles. Perhaps it might make us understand what you’ve been going on about.


Ok, just forget the whole thing. Sorry I said anything. Everything is perfect.

There is an enormous middle ground between nebulous musings about design philosophy and saying nothing at all.


Evolution has the resources of the entire universe and even it can’t get everything right. I’m pretty sure Sangoma has fewer resources in comparison. Going from zero to perfect is impossible its a series of steps to hopefully improve the product. Meanwhile the market and users change their demand so they have to improve while dealing with users wanting something slightly different while they are trying to develop the previous demands.

Sangoma is handling it a lot better than Microcrap or Crapple. They actually listen to the users even if they have huge delays in implementation.


I think I did a pretty good job of saying how much I appreciate what has been accomplished. My frustration is, unfortunately for my comments, not a support problem. I was just gripped with apoplexy and should have said nothing in that venue. The problem needs to be addressed at a more strategic level and defiantly not online. This is not meant to minimize anyone other than myself.

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