Zulu - SoftPhone not working

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I did a new install of FreePBX 15 - Asterisk 16.
Everything is working but I’m having some troubles getting Zulu working corrctly.
I followed/checked all the steps from the documentation: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Zulu+3+Server+Installation
I installed a valid certificate with let’s encrypt.
The zulu server is running and I’m able to login and make call’s using my desk phone.
However I can’t select Soft phone in the zulu client on my pc (running Ubuntu 19.04).
In the user manager soft phone is enabled.
On my mobile phone I installed the zulu client as well, I can login but calls fail. Any hints/pointers?

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Never mind, after explicitly enabling the option on the user level instead of group level it started to work.

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Please report this issue, so it can get fixed.

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