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Are there any companies using Zulu full time out there without a desk phone? Just curious on the reliability and if there are any thing I should be considering with this type of deployment. We currently run Teams with full Phone capabilities but it turns out their services are really not that reliable for our busy company so we are moving to an in house solution. We used to run Skype for Business in house but are not happy with the complexity of that phone system. I have quite a bit of experience with FreePBX and I know its reliability, I just have no experience with Zulu at this time other then just setting it up.

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I would not rely on Zulu softphone capability, use Bria or something else in its place. We thought Zulu was ready with v3.5 and pushed it to everyone so they can have an option of desk phone or software. It’s kind of a nightmare right now and we’re recommending our users to uninstall the ios/android apps due to the constant problems. It doesn’t seem like the product is being developed any further and I think something will be coming out to replace it. I’m hoping soon, otherwise I’ll have to look for an alternate as well.

I’m also at the same crossroad with switching over to M365, for Teams but I’m glad I didn’t jump on that based on your comment and at least kept PBX locally.

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We’ve were looking at the mobile version as well. The major issues we’ve had is the delay in incoming calls, and sometimes it rings forever. For the most part, making outgoing calls has worked well.

However, after the past months I’ve used the desktop client at work and at home, and that has worked well. I’ve been able to answer calls, make calls, etc and chat with co-workers. So, if you use the desktop and have a headset attached, it has worked well for me in that regards. I’m not sure how it works on a large scale, as I’ve only tested it with about 3 users.

In short, if your goal is to have an app they can run on the desktop and just use a headset and make calls via the built in softphone, and receive calls. Sure, it should be good for that. If you’re wanting to the full Teams experience, and video calls, etc, then not sure it that type of replacement.


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