Zulu softphone constantly reconnecting (never connects)


I purchased a support package for this, and I have the 20 user license. I have now had a support ticket open for MONTHS (I think 4 months approximately) with no resolution!

I have checked everything I can think of (I even disabled the firewall) but it seems to make no difference. As Israel is in another shutdown I desperately need to solve this. Any ideas?

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Zulu mobile is being phased out and replaced by sangoma connect, switch to that. Your Zulu licenses will be good for that.

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what @avayax said, but if you do that are are still having trouble, come back. There are troubleshooting steps that might still be required.

If you search back through the past forum posts, you should find a few threads about Zulu not connecting and what people had to do to get it working.

(Asher Adam) #4

I’m having issues with the desktop version. Group is set to enable softphone and to not enable originating calls on deskphone.

Zulu comes up and tries to use the deskphone. After a while it switches to " softphone reconnecting"

I have SangomaConnect on my iPhone (iOS 14.1). It deregisters after a while.

I guess it’s back to Zoiper…

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