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On Zulu softphone for iOS I have noticed that when answering calls it will say “connectivity issue” and I made a call out and when the other person picked up, it ended the call. I have also noticed when making sure during a call that the phone was connected, it ended the app. This is a recent install and the desktop client is working flawlessly. We just started trying the iOS/Android App.

iOS Version: 13.3.1
Zulu Version:

Hello @Christopheric1,

Can you try with the latest version in testflight (1.0.9) https://testflight.apple.com/join/Eihp1qEG


@avelasquez I have installed the beta version. The only thing I am noticing so far is that the BLF presence is not working for it like it does with the desktop app.

it is also still dropping calls randomly or saying “connectivity issue” when making calls out

This sounds like maybe an issue with the ICE negotiation? in order to debug this please open a ticket to support.

Thank you for the help.

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