Zulu SMS via App (MacOS) not working


We are using the Zulu App now that we are working remotely. There are several issues such as delayed ringing for Queues but the one that I would like to address in this discussion is the SMS feature not working. We are using SipStation. When I try to enter my cell phone number and sent an SMS message, it simply disappears. I did a type during the testing and entered a different area code and it seems to have sent. It works when I send SMS via UCP but not Zulu. We are in Canada.

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(Angel Velasquez) #2

Hello @gwntc,

It seems you need to open a support ticket with Sipstation, so they can check what is happening.

Try to send an sms to a Canadian number through UCP, and let support know about that.



yes, it works via UCP but not via the Zulu App

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Ok can you please test again with the latest Zulu Desktop alpha?, Otherwise I’m afraid you might need to open a ticket to support so they can help you figure out what the issue is.



I will give that a try however I am worried about using an alpha version. I will let you know how it works.

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Oh don’t worry about that, you can easily move forward / backward from Desktop versions.