Zulu smartphone continues to ring after deskphone is picked up

I have the Zulu smartphone app for Android version The app will continue to ring even though I answered the call on my deskphone. Is there a way to configure it so the Zulu will stop ringing once the call is picked up from a different endpoint? The Zulu client on my computer does not continue to ring when the call is picked up through my deskphone, just the smarphone app.

You could put them both in a Queue and then check the calls answered elsewhere option - might work.

I have an internal ticket about this issue with Sangoma. Primarily, this happens on queue calls for me. They did some log searching and finding that the cancel call request went out before the ring. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I can recreate it easily by calling a queue and answer it on a desk phone within a ring. We’ll then have the Zulu (Android or iOS) ring for quite a while.

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