Zulu: "Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms"

(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #1

Finally decided to test Zulu.
I have the electron app downloaded and connected to my server.

I launched zulu from the command line. No one can hear me and I can’t hear them. I have USB headset that works perfectly fine with Google Voice and all sorts of other audio activities. I tried using the ‘default’ settings in Zulu, and I tried picking the headset specifically.

In the background, zulu is printing out:
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms
Retrying sangoma headset connection in 10000ms

The Android app gives me similar audio problems. The Digium D60 phone sitting on my desk on the same network as my computer has no audio problems.

Any ideas on what might be going on?

(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #2

I forgot to mention that the moment the dialed user picks up, zulu says “connecting” in the corner and says that until one of the parties hangs up.

(Angel Velasquez) #3

Is that a Sangoma headset?

Please, for more information you’ll need to open a support ticket at support.sangoma.com.


(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #4

No, it’s not a Sangoma headset.
The one user where Zulu actually works is not using a Sangoma headset.
Are you implying that Zulu only works with Sangoma-branded headsets?

(Matthew Fredrickson) #5

I’m guessing that wasn’t the implication (but I’m not a Zulu expert). My guess is that the Sangoma headset is probably the best tested headset (and probably one he’s got easy access to).

Matthew Fredrickson

(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #6

I figure it’s not locked to Sangoma headsets since we have one user where it works properly and they have a non-Sangoma headset.

But every single audio application I test with on these machines works perfectly–including a bunch of open source SIP clients. It’s just Zulu that doesn’t work with the headsets. Since it’s obviously a problem with Zulu, I’m not going to spend $400 to get support. If I can’t get it working, I’ll just email them and get the $200 back.

(Angel Velasquez) #7

Hey Aaron.

I am sorry if I made you think I was implying something, that was not the intention, I’ve asked if it’s a Sangoma headset, as we recently released support for Sangoma headsets, and I wanted to double check if is not a bug on that code we just recently added (as Matt said we tested it a lot).

I can say that I’ve successfully used other usb headset(s) with Zulu, but there are tons of USB headsets brands/models and you understand we haven’t tested all of them, again,

Zulu is based on WebRTC (so it’s not your regular SIP client, it includes more features) maybe the issue is in the support of that headset and WebRTC, if you want to try to debug this issue of your headset and WebRTC, there’s a tool that you can use https://test.webrtc.org/


(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #8

No worries avelasquez. I sorta assumed you weren’t saying a Sangoma headset was required.

The test comes back clean except for IPv6 support and Reflexive Connectivity “Could not connect using reflexive candidates, likely due to the network environment/configuration.” I get the same results as the properly working computer.


I can hear ringing, but the moment the user answers I get dead silence and it just says “Connecting”. I also can’t hear any audio from IVR menus, voicemail, etc… Basically the only sound I get is ringing.

(Angel Velasquez) #9

Ooo that might not even headset’s fault … but an ipv6 issue, ipv6 is not supported on Zulu ATM, and it’s on the backlog, can you check if it’s an ipv6 issue instead a headset issue?


(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #10

Sorry if I miscommunicated. The IPv6 test failed because we don’t have IPv6.

(Angel Velasquez) #11

Oooh … ok I got confused for that “Connecting” problem, I’ve investigated a little bit, and you will get that message when there’s an issue between the client probably on the WebRTC negotiation, I’ll suggest to open a support case, as it seems some misconfiguration maybe on that computer / or the network itself (i.e a firewall) and before start throwing assumptions trying to help you here, I prefer you do that, or … if you want another good test before call to support is, on the machine where zulu works, test with that headset … as I don’t think the headset has nothing to do with the issue on that specific machine / network.


(Aaron C. de Bruyn) #12

Thanks avelasquez.