Zulu queue screen pop before answer

After some testing of zulu screen pops following a system lock up I discovered that when zulu is configured for a queue, link to url, the pop happens not when the call is answered but when the phone rings. In my situation, depending on the time of day and the day of the week that could be anywhere from 2-6 agents on each of 4 queue’s, If all of those queues are receiving max calls at the same time, it could generate up to 24 pops every 30 seconds. My older box couldn’t handle that load or there is some bug in the code that caused it to repeatedly crash the box.

In my and my staff’s opinion, not only does that bug need to be found and fix which caused the crash, but more importantly… it should only pop to url for the answering phone extension. the other 1-5 users have no use for the screen pop and it causes interruption to the work that they are currently doing.

Any one else have an opinion on the proper way url pop’s should work for queues?

IMHO, if you are going to call it a problem that needs to be fixed for you, you need to submit an issue on the Issues page. Asking here is always a good idea, but it sounds like you’ve already figured out the problem, so it should just be a bug report.

The point of the Zulu pop-up isn’t to tell you that someone answered the call, it’s to notify you who the call is from. Knowing that after you answer the call seems a little redundant.

When I was doing this for SugarCRM (spinning up the CSR screen), I did it on the answer leg of the call instead of the ring leg.

@tonyclewis thoughts?

So I would think a good feature would be to let where a admin sets the URL pop if it should be on ring or answer.

IN the case of a CRM most people would want it on ring but in the case of something like popping a support ticket you may want it on whoever answers only.