Zulu on Android Mobile delayed ring


System 12.7.6-1910-1.sng7
Zulu Mobile
Zulu Server
Asterisk 13.29.2

I have recently installed Zulu on my Samsung Android and have run into a problem with incoming calls. I also have a Bria on my computer and Sangoma S700 on my desk all registered with the same extension.

The Bria and Sangoma both ring prior to Zulu so quite often I’ll be talking on the Bria when Zulu starts to ring. Anyone else experience this?

Thank you

Here’s the thing about ZULU, it doesn’t connect you to your actual extension. It creates a second extension for you. Usually prefixed with 99 or something like that. So you have Bria and the S700 registered to the same extension so they’ll get the call at the same time, the ZULU extension is being dialed additionally to that. So there can be delay plus it will not change the state of your current extension (as it’s different).

It’s done this way because you could have IAX, Chan_SIP, Chan_PJSIP or other tech based extensions but ZULU works 100% in PJSIP and so it creates a second extension to work along side the existing extension regardless of its tech.

Thanks for that and it makes sense, even though all endpoints are pjsip it’s still dialing the zulu client after the extension. Problem is, the Zulu mobile client keeps ringing until I intervene. So, if the mobile is not in my office I’ll finish my call, then go hunt down the mobile and manually reject the call to stop it ringing.

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