Zulu Not Linking Phone Numbers

I am trying out the 2 user license of Zulu in preparation to buy more licenses. I am hoping to use Zulu in Chrome on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I am not trying to do CRM integration, I simply want to be able to click to call. Zulu is not detecting the phone numbers in our cases. I have removed all of the parameters from the “ignore fields” option but it still does not detect the numbers. It does work on generic websites. I believe that Microsoft is using Java Script to display these pages.

Additionally if I highlight the number, right click and select call via PBX, it does not not remove the ) or the - but it does remove the (
Delimiters is set to the default ()-/.

If it is possible I can hyperlink the phone numbers to something that would hopefully open Zulu with the phone number but I haven’t seen this ability anywhere in the documentation.

Thanks for any insight,

We will need a way to be able to accurately reproduce this. Once you have that figured out please open a commercial support ticket.

What type of method might that be? Giving commercial support access to one of our CRM pages?

Yes that would probably be the best route. Unless you can find a page that works similarly somewhere else.

Okay I will look into that. There is no option to hyperlink which causes Zulu to process like you can with Skype correct?

It appears that tel: links like the one in the page below can be launched with Zulu but it will not delimit the characters because it is not begin processed by the plugin.

Yes there is. But that is what you are saying isn’t working. So I am confused by the question

Zulu does not support tel: links at this time.

It does support tel: on mac but not on windows yet.

Also since this is a free license you wont be able to get free support from us. If you want to post a web page here that we can see where the number fails we can try and see what we can come up wiht for a solution

It’s working for me on both Windows and Mac but because the delimiters are a function of the Chrome plugin and the tel: links open the Zulu desktop app directly, they don’t get passed by the delimiters. Luckily in my CRM I can have it delimit the actual link for me but I submitted feature request ZULU-198