Zulu not creating PJSIP endpoints

I tested out Zulu 6 or 8 months ago and deleted the 90XXXX devices afterwards. Now I am attempting to configure/test/deploy again for use with Axis Video Door Intercoms.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Zulu Module and setup Zulu users. No 9XXXXX devices have been created. I do have PJSIP devices on my system starting with 999XXXX. Could these be interfering with the Zulu PJSIP device creation?

Can’t I manually create a PJSIP device for Zulu and assign it to a Zulu user?

Sangoma Connect is replacing Zulu, so yu might want to convert before you spend more time on this. IIRC, SC uses “regular” extensions instead of “special” extensions, so this could simplify your project. Check with Sangoma and see if your Zulu licenses can be transferred to SC.

David, Thanks for that.

Is Zulu Desktop App going to be discontinued? Will it be rebranded “Sangoma Connect Desktop” Will Zulu desktop work with SC server on FreePBX?

I see the Sangoma Meet suite also. Correct me if I’m wrong that will not act as a Video Phone device on FreePBX.

Only Zulu mobile is being phased out in favor of Sangoma Connect mobile. Zulu desktop is still supported.

If you have enabled Zulu for a user in User Management, and that user has an associated primary extension, then a PJSIP endpoint should be created starting with a 90 prefix. If you’re not seeing that, then there is a fundamental failing in Zulu. Sounds like time for a support ticket:

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