Zulu module removed - want to re-install

I’ve try to troubleshoot Zulu (have paid for 20 users license) and I’ve remove from hard drive (from module admin) instead of “Disable”. Now i’m unable to re-download/re-install Zulu, didn’t found any CLI to force install and doesn’t show in “Module Admin”. I’ve refresh the Activation page to refresh the license and receive message Zulu not installed.

I just want to install back Zulu

Freepbx 14

Do you have the commercial modules repo enabled?

Yes, from Sangoma portal the deployment is right and assign to the right server. From the activation page doing a refresh activation doesn’t bring back Zulu

You need to click “Check Online”

I did, but it doesn’t appear in the list of module to install.Normally it’s just under the XMPP module. Now nothing.

Just want to re-install it, is there any CLI can enter to reinstall Zulu? I have try fwconsole ma installall and the CLI answer back all module are up-to-date. When doing fwconsole start zulu or fwconsole restart zulu nothing happen.

fwconsole ma downloadinstall zulu

Done, but receive this error message from CLI

Your system can not get the Zulu module. What is your system

HP workstation with Freepbx distro 14 from freepbx.org. It had the module, I’ve mistakenly remove it from module admin and cannot get it back, don’t even appear in module admin to redownload/reinstall.

Zulu is in our online mirror. Unfortunately your system refuses to get it. I don’t have much more to tell you sorry.


Do you have to go through a proxy/firewall that is blocking the download?

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