Zulu Mobile hangs up call on pickup (no bridgeMap error)

I have a number of colleagues all working remotely and we are having problems using Zulu to answer call on our mail line. It is set up with an IVT and two tiers of ring groups (both set to ringall) which rings one set of extensions for 20sec, then another set for 20sec if not answered by the first and then voicemail.

What we are experiencing is that folks attempt to answer an incoming call via a ring group with a Zulu mobile client (both Android and iOS).The call for them drops on pickup.

I have looked in the zulu_err.log and find lines like this one that corelate with CEL lines that show the pickup attempt:

2020-04-24 11:38 +01:00: ^[[31m[2020-4-24 11:38:06.738] [ERROR] console - ^[[39mThere is no bridgeMap for bridge id: 65c3de75-82d5-4795-a2d9-640c96dd1891
2020-04-24 11:39 +01:00: ^[[31m[2020-4-24 11:39:19.087] [ERROR] console - ^[[39mThere is no bridgeMap for bridge id: 4fb22c01-f177-4967-bf47-e190de845d3a

The bridge-id UUIDs also correspond with values embedded in the “Dialed” column of the CEL report.

Fri, Apr 24, 2020 11:39 AM	6003	mobileans4fb22c01-f177-4967-bf47-e190de845d3a.0	0	-	
Fri, Apr 24, 2020 11:38 AM	6007	mobileans65c3de75-82d5-4795-a2d9-640c96dd1891.0	0	-

Can anyone help me understand “no bridgeMap” error as I think it is the strongest clue that I have to what’s going wrong.


Stuart Williams

i’d open a free commercial module ticket on that one - call legs are bridged together within asterisk and something about that process is breaking down on your system

what client and server versions are you running btw ?

Hi Chris,

Android client verison:
Server Version: Freepbx: Zulu Sever

I have an iOS user with the latest release from the Apple Store that has the same problem - but I’ll need to ask him about version numbers.

My on client ( on Android Pie on Oneplus 5 works fine. We are wondering whether the problem being related to power management on the client and it being woken from a deeper sleep mode and possibly not having maintained all its connectivity with the server - but just guessing at the moment.

I will raise a ticket as you suggest.



Just to keep to posted, have had some helpful interactions with Sangoma support. The outcome so far has been an update of the underlying asterisk to version 16.9.0, an update of the Zulu server to the latest EDGE version ( and an increase of the default extension ring time from 15 to 60 seconds.

I don’t yet know if this has resolved the issue.We don’t get a lot of calls - it just good to be confident that we can pick them up when we do.

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