Zulu Mobile completely useless

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Hi @dicko,

Unfortunately, I can not, the code is proprietary at the moment.

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Hi Tom,

True, but we can have FreePBX without Zulu and Zulu is just one of the commercial modules available among others.

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OK so random guy gives you a random A,B,C,D grade scale of how said random guy rates mobile integration into a PBX. You are claiming the goal is to be Grade A and that this is in beta. So what does your beta Grade A integration get anyone, right now?!

What if this was to be used by someone today what features would that have as of right now if they installed this solution?


My experience with Zulu in Android:

1.If app closed in the background, incoming calls won’t ring and just show a missed call notification.
2.It couldn’t handle network change (WiFi–>LTE or LTE–>WiFi) during calls and it will be hang up.

Don’t have above problems with “Groundwire” or “Acrobits” soft phones.

Zulu UC version:
FreePBX version:
Android version: 10
Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S10e

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Early media still doesn’t work, I had a support ticket open for over a year on it and it’s still not resolved, I as well have the same issue with them mobile app not ringing or showing contacts, and I really think switching to the native phone dialer instead of having it’s own dialer was a big mistake. I would like say though, the desktop app is fantastic and I absolutely love it, it is the only thing I use for remote work.

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