Zulu merge calls

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(Benoit) #1

I recieved a mailing from sangoma that it would be possible now to merge calls in Zulu. We are using the latest zulu version (3.4.0) but I can’t find this feature.
What am I missing?

(Benoit) #2

Is anyone actually using Zulu?! Posted two (really basic informal) questions in a time span of a week and got 0 response …

(Angel Velasquez) #3

Hello Benoit,

Sorry for the delay, yes there are customers actually using Zulu, but since this is a public forum (and not a support forum)… waiting less than 24 hours for a reply it doesn’t seem too crazy to me, please consider that.

The workflow should be the following:

  1. Ext A calls Ext B
  2. hold that call
  3. open the dialpad
  4. call Ext C
  5. when extension C pick up you will see an icon for call joining / merging

So make sure your server is on the latest version too!

If you require more assistance you will need to open a ticket with Sangoma support.


(Benoit) #4


That is definitely acceptable but I had a different question open for 5 days without a reaction so that’s why I started wondering. You replied there as well so thank you again for that.
In your example you refer to extensions, I suppose the procedure also works for external phone numbers?
What is the minimum version on the server side for the zulu module that needs to be installed? We are on


PS: I have a support contract and if I need configuration help or encounter an issue I’ll definitely open a support ticket. These questions are just about the functionality and would benefit the general community in my opinion.

(Angel Velasquez) #5

Hello Benoit,

The minimum version on the server side for this feature is

In my example I am referring to extensions as we are adding support for inbound/outbound calls from/to external phones soon (not yet a release date, tho), Unfortunately this feature for inbound/outbound is not yet working properly (but we are adding support to this, soon).

Community members try to reply tickets as fast as we can in the forum, thanks for your patience :-).

(Benoit) #6

Awesome, I highly appreciate your detailed answer!