Zulu license is expired in product list

Hi guys,

My Zulu module stopped working. All I got was a nice BUY NOW notice under FreePBX, so I bought the new licenses, but it did not activate even after a reboot, still says BUY NOW. I thought that I had made a mistake in the ordering process, so I went through and purchased a second time. No change. Now I logged into the Sangoma customer portal and view my invoices, I see an invoice for both transactions, but when I check the licenses, they do not show up under Zulu. They have the correct last purchased date, but both still say Expired, so I cannot get Zulu to work. I was able to find only one similar post, where the licensing had to be changed to resolve it, I have no way of fixing this myself, so I am hoping to get some assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try going to Admin>System Admin>Activation>Update Activation

Thank you ozarktech, that was the first thing that I did. I thought it was just a failure to update the license, but it made no difference, so I rebooted the system after the Activation Update, just to make sure that everything refreshed and no change.

What does it say when you go to Admin → System Admin → Activation? Is the license that you just renewed listed there? If not you should be able top en up a support ticket as you paid for the module.

Thank you, going to Admin → System Admin → Activation, the new license does not show up, which had me scratching my head. I had renewed a few times in the past, this is the first time that I have ever seen this.

Make sure you renewed under the correct Deployment ID (if you have more then one tied to your account), otherwise you should be able to reach out to customer support and have them make sure the license is applied to the correct FreePBX activation.

The Deployment ID is correct. Sadly, I am not familiar with the process for opening a ticket for commercial module issues. Where do I start with that?


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