Zulu is running, but shows "Zulu node not running" in Dashboard

I have a licenced installation of Zulu. It is running and clients connect okay. However the Dashboard has a little “flame” icon next to Zulu and the caption “Zulu node is not running” when hovering over it.

I have done an fwconsole chown but this makes no difference.

Any suggestions?

Hi Andy,

Run the following command:

fwconsole start zulu

We had the same problem, with a new install. Zulu node does not start until you manually start it.
Once started, it will remain running (even after reboots).

Thanks Don,

Tried that but it doesn’t fix it.

As I mentioned above, Zulu is running (clients connect okay). It is just I have the flame icon on the dashboard and the screentip that says it is not.



I’ve got the same issue. Did you find a solution?