Zulu - iPhone not ringing when locked

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Does anyone know the settings to make this work ?


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There’s no setting for this; it should “just work”. Open an issue at support.sangoma.com and they should be able to help you out.

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Iphone doesn’t allow access to the hardware abstraction layer. When you shut off the screen, the client will not stay registered to the PBX. A “push” server is usually involved that will push notifications to the phone when you receive a call. I have found this to be the case with most softphone apps.

Are you using TLS?

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I believe with callkit and app background refresh enabled this is no longer the case. The iPhone will look and behave as if it were receiving a standard cellular call, regardless of the idle device state. Not sure is Zulu is leveraging this tech or not. Sangoma might comment.


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In the Wiki, I also found a way to test the push functionality…


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Also, there are known issues with Zulu Mobile… isn’t it still in beta?


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Zulu Mobile is no longer in beta. It was released several months ago.

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